Cezanne keratin

Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment reduces frizz and delivers smoother, stronger, healthier, more manageable and exquisitely beautiful hair that lasts for months. This treatment is formaldehyde free, meaning you will attain the same results risk free. In some cases frizz/curl reduction may be less than with products using formaldehyde products. he treatment uses a revolutionary low pH system -When heat is applied during the flat iron process, the cuticle is closed and the proprietary blend of healthy ingredients is locked into the hair, protecting and smoothing the hair from the inside out.


Q: What is a Cezanne Smoothing Treatment? A: Cezanne (‘say zahn’) is a frizz-zapping, luster-adding treatment that harnesses the powers of keratin, B vitamins, botanicals and sericin (a component of silk) to loosen curl and smooth hair. Yes, it makes hair feel silky because it contains real silk!

Q: What makes Cezanne different than other smoothing/straightening treatments? A: Cezanne contains NO formaldehyde, a carcinogen found in popular straightening treatments. Chemical relaxers break down bonds in the hair, weakening it so that it will “relax.” Cezanne ADDS keratin, the protein your hair is made of . . . . . strengthening it against damage and repairing it while smoothing. Cezanne is NOT a straightening process. It can loosen curls, but your hair won’t be pin-straight or limp. Think of it more like a smoothing and strengthening therapy. It will greatly reduce frizz and help maintain your blow-dry despite humidity. It also reduces blow-drying time.

Q: My hair is damaged. Can I get a Cezanne Treatment? A: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Not only is Cezanne is 100% safe even for damaged hair . . . . . it actually leaves hair in better condition than before. Cezanne has the same pH as lemon juice, so it lifts the cuticle only a small amount, allowing nourishing ingredients to penetrate hair without damage. Other smoothing products lift it a tremendous amount and cause damage. If your hair is breaking, Cezanne strengthens it with botanicals, making it stronger and thicker so it can grow.

Q: Who benefits from Cezanne? A: Anybody who has frizz or a strong curl they want to loosen. And, anyone who wants to repair damaged hair. Cezanne strengthens thin, straight hair that breaks, letting it grow longer.

Q: Can I get any other hair services the day I get my Cezanne Smoothing Treatment? A: Yes! If you’re getting highlights, we do that before your Cezanne . . . . . anything else, such as more extensive color, can be done immediately after.

Q: What is the process like? A: First you get detoxifying shampoos to prep your hair. Then, we dry your hair. The Cezanne solution is applied and processes for 30 minutes. We then rinse it and blow it straight. After that, your hair is flat-ironed to lock in the Cezanne. The process takes one and half to two hours, though time can vary based on hair length, density and texture. After that, there is no downtime. You can get your hair wet or put it in a ponytail right after Cezanne, which is not the case with other smoothing processes.

Q: How long do the results last? A: Three to five months for most guests; it can last up to six months for those who wash their hair less frequently.

Q: What is the maintenance like? A: The very best kind: LOW! Just use a sulfate-free shampoo. The more frequently you wash your hair, the faster the Cezanne will dissipate. Results fade gradually over weeks . . . . without leaving a harsh line of demarcation. That makes Cezanne a good choice for women who are transitioning from chemical straightening to their natural texture.

Here are two more reasons we love Cezanne: - The more Cezanne treatments you get, the more your hair’s condition is restored. If you do it repetitively, it lasts a little longer and you get better results each time. - It doesn’t contain ingredients harmful to our guests or our stylists! Cezanne doesn’t require the use of a mask or gloves . . . . it’s that gentle. Every ingredient is actually good for you.