Groupon rules

This is a message from Marine

Below you will find the rules and also a little introduction to your appointment.

Dear future groupon client , I am looking forward to meet you .

Groupon is a great platform for both Of us. I will get to meet new clients and

You will be able to get the top service at a reasonable price.


1/Due to COVID there are some rules that I must make you aware of before booking.The State board of California has set specific rules that must be followed.

In order to make an appointment with me please text me via my phone number. please do not book your appointment online with your groupon voucher.

2/ I am also asking that you read the groupon etiquette out of groupon website.

3/ Before you buy your groupon please consider that i highly recommend a 20% add on gratuity base on the original price of the service as groupon suggest it.

4/ if there is any time that you need to cancel your appt please let me know 48 hours in advance so like that if you wish we can reschedule your appt.

5/It is peferred that you come in 15 minutes prior to your apointment. Due to COVID there is no waiting room.

6/ There will be a strict 10 minute late policy if you are late .Due to the new rules for COVID,lateness might cut the blow drying time and there might be a cancellation . You will need to text us to reschedule your appt at a different time.

7/ If during the consultation you ask for something that is not covered by groupon there will be a price change. This usually happens for color correction but its very rare.

8/ I am asking that we keep our appointment drama free,also if on any occasion I feel that my safety and the safety of others are at risk I will have discontinue our appointment there is zero exceptions  the rules must be followed and respected.

9/ your groupon will be redeemed when you make the apointment.if you miss your apointment,we will work with you to reschedule.

10/ if you cancel the same day , I will work with you to reschedule at an extra charge to compensate for my billing time.

11/ only 1 Groupon per new cliente will be honored. Don't repurchase. We will give you the Groupon rate for your next services.