Groupon house rules

This is a message from  our  team:

Dear future groupon client ,

We are looking forward to meet you .Groupon is a great platform for both of us.We get to meet you and you get top notch service at an extremly competitive price.
We would like to keep our experience as drama free as possible.

so we designed a list of rules:

1/BECAUSE OF CORONA VIRUS we had to make rule adjustments and we perfere that you text to make your apointment.Do not make online appointment with Groupon voucher please. 

2/ we would really want you to read the groupon  etiquette out of groupon website.

3/ before your buy your groupon please concider that we really highly recommand 20% add on gratuity base on the original price of the service AS groupon suggest it.

4/ we ask a 24 hours cancelation notice.we will reschedule with you.

5/we ask that you come in 15 minutes prior to your apointment.

6/ there will be a stricked 10 minutes grace for the late girls.After that you will need to text us to reschedule.

7/ upon consultation there will be a price adjustment to reach your impossible goals on a groupon deal.( usually for color correction ,very rare)

8/ please be kind and courteous to our workers.If you are mean ,we will ask you to leave( no expections ,life is too short)